Worship Committee

The current St. Martha Worship Committee consists of our Pastor, Deacons, Music director and other members of the parish who are involved in various liturgical ministries.

The Committee meets to discuss anything pertaining to the parish’s liturgical life. We make plans for special liturgical celebrations such as missions, penance services, prayer services, etc. as well as the themes for the liturgical seasons of Advent, Lent, and Easter. We discuss all things pertaining to the liturgy such as the procedures for liturgical ministers to follow, the need for training of liturgical ministers, art and environment and so on. At times other members of the parish that represent various liturgical ministries may be invited to a Worship Committee meeting to discuss an area of parish liturgical life.

The Committee meets once a month, September through June. We currently meet the first Monday of the month. For information, please contact the Rectory at 684-6342.

Rectory - 716-684-6342