Update from our Moderator - Msgr. Richard Siepka - June 9, 2024

A collaborative diocesan-wide journey to renew the purpose, mission and impact of Catholic Faith throughout Western New York

  • This is a journey - NOT a program - to reinvigorate Catholic faith, more fully optimize parish and diocesan resources, and increase the impact of our varied ministries throughout Western New York.
  • A Diocesan Renewal Task Force has been formed that will be conducting regional consultation sessions in order to gain insight and input from parish leaders, school administrators, and from parishioners across the diocese that will inform decisions about how we will be structured and operate going forward.
  • We seek broad input - and invite parishioners to join the 18 Zoom meetings in the coming days to share insights, ask questions and offer ideas. The diocesan website will list these opportunities prominently.
  • There are no predefined conclusions or decisions regarding the way in which regions, parishes and schools will be affected. The process is one intended to gain broad input and consultation which will inform decisions that Bishop Scharfenberger will make as interim leader of the Diocese.
  • Parishes cannot be simply eliminated or “closed.”
  • As a “Family of Faith” defined by a legacy of sacramental life, which has nurtured a distinctly Catholic identity and where life’s most profound moments have been shared and celebrated, a parish community reflects the very soul of those who belong to it.
  • We are determined to define how best to preserve individual parish identities as a “Family of Families” - regardless of decisions that may change the way any one parish family is organized and experiences the fullness of Catholic life.
  • We invite all to participate - to be part of the consultations underway and to help determine a more promising future for Catholic faith and ministry throughout Western New York for generations to come.