Online Giving

We offer a service by which you are able to have your regular offering deducted on a regular and recurring interval from your bank account. The interval is specified by you as either weekly, monthly, or quarterly and is designated via the authorization form that you complete in order to sign up.


Bequests, Gifts, Memorials and Endowments

As a member of St. Martha and the Catholic faith community, one opportunity to express your gratitude for our Parish is through a bequest, gift, memorial, or endowment.

These contributions are a dignified remembrance, a way in which to pay tribute, or express sympathy or friendship, for those who have gone before us to be with Christ. They are a way to express your appreciation for a departed loved one and a celebration of their life that can last for years to come. These contributions can enable the parish to carry on God's message of faith, love, and charity.

Alumni and friends of OLBS School at St. Martha Parish can also make gifts while planning for their own future and the future of their loved ones. You can plan a gift through various means, some of which are tax-wise tools that can provide immediate and long-term benefits for you, your family, and the parish, such as an endowed memorial for education/scholarship, special ministry, capital improvements, etc. There are several ways to make OLBS School at St. Martha Parish the beneficiary of your charity by either making an outright gift now, or deferring your gift to a time in the future.

The parish now has an agency fund in place established through the Diocese of Buffalo to accept and invest these bequests, gifts, memorials and endowments.

Ways to make your gift:

  • Through your will
  • Income producing gift opportunities such as a charitable trust, gift annuity, or a pooled income fund
  • Other giving opportunities such as a charitable or living trust, retirement plans, life insurance, or real estate.

And what you can give:

  • Cash
  • Property/real estate
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement
  • Plan assets
  • Securities

Please consider St. Martha Parish as a beneficiary of the treasure that God has bestowed upon you. For more information, you may contact Sue Koprucki at our Rectory office at 716-684-6342. Please consult your tax or legal advisor for specific financial advice for your personal situation.


Matching Corporate Contributions

Today, many companies or their charitable foundations match employee contributions (both time and financial) to non-profit organizations. Did you know that you can help multiply your support for our parish in this easy way? In fact, St. Martha Parish and OLBS School at St. Martha Parish have been the beneficiaries of such gifts in the past and we would like to see this grow.

The following is a list of companies or their charitable foundations that help support community organizations through grants, contributions, or matching employee contributions. Contact the human resources/benefits personnel at your company to make sure such a program is in place, that St. Martha Parish is eligible, and for more details on how to have your generosity multiplied. It usually takes just a few minutes, and St. Martha Parish can benefit tremendously.

If you know of any other companies that offer such a program but are not listed, please contact the rectory. Thank you!

ADP Foundation
AETNA Foundation, Inc.
Allstate Giving Campaign
American Express Foundation
AT&T Foundation
Bank of America
Bell Atlantic
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Black & Decker Corporation
Boeing Company
Borden Foundation, Inc.
BP Amoco Foundation, Inc.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Caterpillar Corporation
CDW Computer Solutions Centers, Inc.
Charles Schwab Corporation
Chase Manhattan Corporation
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Compuer Associates
Cooper Industries
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Emerson Electric Company
Equitable Life Assurance
Fireman's Fund
Fleet Matching Gifts Program
FMC Foundation Matching Gift Program
Fort James Foundation
Fortune Brands, Inc.
Gannett Foundation
GAP Foundation Gift Match Program
GATX Corporation
General Mills
GMAC Mortgage
GTE Matching Contributions
Houghton Mifflin Co
IBM Corporation
IKON Office Solutions
ITT Industries
J.P. Morgan
John Hancock
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Controls Foundation
Keebler Company
Kemper Insurance Companies
KMart Corporation
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Liz Claibrone Foundation
Lucent Technologies
May Department Stores Company
Maytag Corporation Foundation
McDonald's Corporation
McGraw Hill Foundation, Inc.
Merck Company Foundation
Merrill Lynch
Monsanto Fund
Montgomery Ward
Morton International
Motorola Foundation
Mutual of New York
Nabisco, Inc.
Norfolk Southern Foundation
Pepsico Foundation, Inc.
Philip Morris Company, Inc.
Pitney Bowes
PPG Industries
Quaker Oats
Quest Diagnostics
RJR Nabisco
Rohm and Haas
Rustoleum Corporation
Safeco Insurance Companies
Sara Lee
Siemens Automotive
Smithkline Beecham Foundation
Spiegel, Inc.
Sprint Foundation
Tandy Corporation
Tenneco, Inc.
The Duke Energy Foundation
The Home Depot
Time Warner, Inc.
Transamerica Foundation
Unilever U.S. Inc.
United Technologies
UPS of America, Inc.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Waste Management, Inc.
Whirlpool Foundation
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation
WMX Technologies
Xerox Foundation
Zurich Kemper Investments 


The Agency Fund

Providing a Catholic education to deserving students is one of our primary goals. Our students can benefit each year from your donations to the St. Martha Agency Fund, which can provide dependable funds, year after year. The parish, its students and faculty can count on this support, no matter what the condition of revenues is from collections and other sources. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow and your investment in them will pay the highest of dividends. Contact the rectory if you would like to give a gift to this fund!

A Special Thank You!

Over the last year, the parish has received two different types of gifts from Verizon. A few of their employees have submitted requests for their contributions to St. Martha Parish to be matched. A few school parents have asked that Verizon give a gift in honor of volunteer hours they gave given to our school. St. Gobain has also donated to St. Martha through its matching gifts program. We have also have received gifts for our parish pantry program in this same way. Thank you! Does your employer have a program like this?