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The Agency Fund

Providing a Catholic education to deserving students is one of our primary goals. Our students can benefit each year from your donations to the St. Martha Agency Fund, which can provide dependable funds, year after year. The parish, its students and faculty can count on this support, no matter what the condition of revenues is from collections and other sources. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow and your investment in them will pay the highest of dividends. Contact the rectory if you would like to give a gift to this fund!

A Special Thank You!

Over the last year, the parish has received two different types of gifts from Verizon. A few of their employees have submitted requests for their contributions to St. Martha Parish to be matched. A few school parents have asked that Verizon give a gift in honor of volunteer hours they gave given to our school. St. Gobain has also donated to St. Martha through its matching gifts program. We have also have received gifts for our parish pantry program in this same way. Thank you! Does your employer have a program like this?