“The gifts we have, we are given to share.”

We offer a service by which you are able to have your regular offering deducted on a regular and recurring interval from your bank account. The interval is specified by you as either weekly, monthly or quarterly and is designated via the authorization form that you complete in order to sign up.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is automatic deduction? Automatic deduction allows you to have your regular donations automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on a pre-set recurring basis.

What are the benefits? Once set up, you don’t have to do a thing to make your regular donations—they will be automatically deducted as you have designated until you tell us to stop. Auto-deduct can prove to be an easy budgeting tool based on the timing that works out best for you. This means no more checks to write or not having to make sure you have cash on hand for your offering envelope.

What do I do with my offering envelopes? You will continue to place your envelope in the collection basket when you attend Mass at St. Martha. Your envelope will be empty but will be used as a record of your attendance.

What do I do for special or second collections? Special or second collections will not be included in your autodeduct since they are varied and your donation for each may differ. As such, we ask that you use the envelopes provided with your offering envelopes to donate for special or second collections by placing your donation in the envelope and placing it in the collection basket during Mass.

How do I sign up? You sign up by completing the “Authorization for Direct Debit of Contributions” form. The form can be located on the tables at the entrances to the Church, at www.stmarthadepew.org, and also at the Rectory. Once completed, the form is returned to the Rectory. If you prefer, you can also place it in a sealed envelope in the collection basket during Mass.

What information will I need to sign up? You will need to know the amount you plan to donate, the interval of weekly, monthly or quarterly (whichever you prefer), if you plan to designate a checking or savings account, your checking or savings account number, the bank routing number and your St. Martha offering envelope number. You will also need to supply either a voided check (for checking account) or a deposit slip (for savings account). You’ll often find both the account number and bank routing number on these pre-printed bank forms. The form will also require your signature.

Is the information secure? Yes, the information you provide is treated in the same manner as cash/check contributions are today. The information is held in confidence in the rectory records and the authorization forms are kept secured and confidential.

How do I change or stop the automatic deduction? You may wish to periodically increase your donation level. To do so simply fill out a new authorization form with the increased amount. To stop the auto-deduct you must notify the Rectory in writing at least 2 weeks in advance of when you would like the deduction to stop. Please provide the current amount, frequency, your name and offering envelope number.

Additional questions? Contact the Rectory by telephoning 684-6342 or email [email protected].